Real Estate Investment

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Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry.

It has never been so easy and affordable to buy real estate NFTs. Our experts hand-selected a wide range of properties worldwide using all of the relevant information at their disposal. Find the right ones based on your preferences.

In our quest to revolutionize the real estate industry, each real estate NFT that we mint is fractionalized and 100% backed by an actual physical income-generating property.

All properties have been inspected beforehand and are owned by Metropoly Foundation or a trusted and vetted partner company.

Passive Income

The income generated through rent payments is paid monthly to owners in an amount proportional to their shares.

Price Appreciation

As in real life, the value of a property usually increases over time. The same applies to real estate NFTs.

Voting Rights

Each owner has a voting right proportional to the number of fractions held. They can even vote to sell the property.

Combining Real Estate
with Blockchain Technology

With Metropoly, we try to simplify real estate investment and make it accessible to anyone.

Easy to use

Metropoly makes Real Estate investing easy and fast. The process is entirely digital and hassle-free.

Trade in Seconds
Inbox System

All real estate owners will receive regular updates from their property manager.

Real Estate & Blockchain

Build up your Real Estate Empire