Buy Real Estate with Crypto in Seconds.

Metropoly is the world's first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties. Start with only $100.




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Our Vision  

Our vision is to make the real estate market accessible to users worldwide, regardless of their country of origin or credit score.

Grow your wealth

The real estate market has long been an investment vehicle for the wealthy. Grow your fortune with the same approach that the world’s top 1% use.

Diversify your portfolio

Investing in something easy to understand and tangible like real estate just makes sense.

How it works?

To start building your real estate portfolio, follow these three simple steps:

Connect your Wallet

Connect your wallet with Metamask or Trust Wallet and create your Metropoly account in seconds.

Discover our Marketplace

Discover premium apartments, penthouses, and villas in the most popular cities in the world.

Buy your First Real Estate

Buy a piece of one of our hand-selected income-generating properties, starting from only $100.

The Easiest Way
to Invest in
Real Estate  

No banks. No paperwork. No hidden fees.

Metropoly gives you an easy way to invest fractionally in income-generating properties without the hassles of traditional real estate investing. We’re changing the way real estate investing is done - for the better.


Starting Price

Buying real estate can be an expensive and time-consuming process. With Metropoly, it’s easy and affordable!


Seconds on Average

Selling a property typically takes months or even years. However, with Metropoly, it takes seconds to trade your real estate NFT.


Fractional Ownership

Each Real Estate NFT is divided into fractions, allowing anyone to invest in real estate assets for a small budget.


Fully Managed

The Metropoly team takes care of everything, from maintaining the property to ensuring that there’s always a tenant in place.

Cashflow and truly Passive Income

No matter the location, time, or market conditions, people will always need a roof over their heads.

Rental Income

Monthly rental income is a consistent and reliable way to increase cash flow, which helps you achieve financial freedom.

Value Appreciation

Real Estate NFTs are backed by real-world properties with expected appreciation that creates long-term wealth for the owners.


The Metropoly ecosystem is based on three main pillars: Real Estate NFTs, Marketplace and the Metropoly Launchpad.

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  • Real Estate NFTs
    NFTs backed by physical properties, hand-selected by our team of real estate experts.

  • Marketplace
    Users can trade fractional real estate NFTs in seconds on our easy-to-use marketplace.

  • Launchpad
    Users can invest in exciting new real estate NFTs before it hits the secondary market.

High Stability

Real estate can provide a strong hedge against inflation as property values, and rental income increase yearly.

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Real Estate investment

Real estate is by far the best long-term investment according to US citizens.* However, the international real estate market is inaccessible, illiquid, and complicated for most people.

Combining Real Estate
with Blockchain Technology

Each NFT is divided into fractions, allowing anyone to invest in real estate assets.

Easy to use

Metropoly makes real estate investing easy and fast. The process is entirely digital and hassle-free.

Trade in Seconds
Inbox System

Stay on-top and receive regular updates from your property management team.

Real Estate & Crypto

Build up your Real Estate Empire